PhysiPal was designed to keep you motivated

Achieve your health and fitness goals faster and more easily


Physipal is a health App designed to keep you pointed towards a healthy lifestyle without wasting the time of counting every single calorie. The App equips you with the health information and motivation to succeed your fitness goals!

Struggling to exercise regularly?

‘Motifications’ deliver the inspiration and information to keep you on track:
- Tips sent to you as notifications.
- Delivered randomly between 6am & 6pm.
- Option of daily, every 2 days or weekly.
- Choose; Health, Exercise, Motivational or all Tips.
- Over a years worth of inspiration!

Don't know if that food is going to add weight or fit into your diet?

Use the Health Calculators to:
- Convert Calories to Kilojoules
- Convert Kilojoules to Calories.
- See comparative foods.
- See equivalent exercise
- Approximate weight gain or loss.

Whats your personal health information?

See and track yourself precisely using the Body Information screen:
- Weight category
- Ideal weight range
- Natural daily energy burn
- Heart rate zones

✓ Hundreds of health, exercise and motivational tips.
✓ Choose your ‘Motification’ - Health, exercise, motivational or all.
✓ See how much weight you can gain or loose from calories and Kilojoules.
✓ Know how much of your favourite exercise and sports foods equate to.
✓ Calculates your BMI (Body Mass Index).
✓ Shows your ideal weight range and category.
✓ Provides how many calories/kilojoules your body burns everyday.
✓ Gives your target exercise heart rate.
✓ Convert calories to kilojoules and see their approximate weight & equivalent exercise time.

Search YouTube for "PhysiPal" to check out the video walkthrough!

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