Pocket Cal/kJ helps keeps you with your health and exercise goals

Giving you all the detailed information you need, it motivates you to make healthier choices and reach your goals faster

Pocket Cal/kJ

Convert between calories and kilojoules, get equivalent exercise time, see comparable foods and more!

Wondering how many calories are in that package when all that appears on the side is kilojoules? Or vice-versa? Then Pocket Cal/kJ is for you. With its simple and intuitive interface you'll be able to work things out in no time!

Do you know how much exercise you’ll need to do to offset that latte? Or how much weight you'll put on if you don't?

You’ll have all this information plus lots more at your fingertips when you get Pocket Cal/kJ Pro. With advanced formulas that factor in your personal data - gender, age, weight, height etc – you’ll have your very own diet and exercise consultant at the touch of a button!

+ Enter and save your own personal data, creating your unique profile for quick and easy conversions on the run
+ See what % of your daily intake choices your making equate to
+ Get equivalent exercise time required for values entered
+ Get weight gained or lost by consuming those calories/kJ's
+ Track your BMI, weight category, ideal weight range, heart rate zones and more on your body information screen
+ Calculate how much exercise is needed to burn those calories
+ Energy burned by naturally by your body each day based on your profile
+ Personalised, based on your gender, age, weight and other details
+ Fast, Simple and Intuitive to use
+ Get comparative food items with similar calorie/kJ content

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