Bible Pathway Adventures was built to tell children stories

Inspiring bible stories from author Pip Dumbill and original illustrations from cartoonist Tom Barnett

Bible Pathway Adventures

Have fun teaching your children about the Bible with the FREE Bible Pathway Adventures' storybook app - an educational bible app to help parents teach their children the foundation of our faith. Packed with fun facts and fascinating archaeological, historical, and cultural discoveries. Original illustrations and world-class audio production bring the biblical stories to life. Download the app and collect every story for FREE!

"This is a great series. My grandchildren look forward to having individual chapters read to them while they're getting ready for bed. They're really excited about the information you've provided for Bible study.” (Mike, USA)

"Thank you for your beautiful work that inspires my 5yr old to read and teach her friends Bible stories." (Layla, USA)

"We're about to start using your app with our Elementary school kids. I can't wait! My grandson is 6 years old and he loves your app.” (Reggie - DC, USA)

Includes fourteen illustrated and narrated bible stories (with many more to come): *Sold into Slavery (Joseph) *Swallowed By A Fish (Jonah) *Facing the Giant (David vs Goliath) *The Great Flood (Noah's Ark) *Escape from Egypt (The Exodus pt 1) *Path to Freedom (The Exodus pt 2) *Thrown To The Lions (Daniel & the Lion's Den) *Birth Of The King *Betrayal of The King *The Risen King *Saved By A Donkey (the story of Balaam) *Witch of Endor *Esther - The Chosen Bride *Plus the Mystery Adventure, Shipwrecked!

FEATURES *Inspiring bible stories from author Pip Dumbill *Original illustrations from cartoonist Tom Barnett *Audio Production from award-winning, multimedia professional Troy W. Hudson *Adventure Scrolls – uncover cultural, historical, and archaeological facts *Discovery Arks - bursting with details about the Bible you never knew! *Mystery Adventures - collect lamp oil points and unlock a free mystery Adventure *Discipleship Quizzes – put your knowledge to the test

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