We're about bringing your imagination to life.

Founded with a passion for modern technology, Dark Ice Interactive specializes in mobile app development for iOS and Android as well as web solutions.
There's nothing we like more than seeing ideas sketched on a napkin transformed into polished and successful realities.


We stay innovative

Being complacent in the software industry is not an option. We actively stay on top of new and emerging technologies to deliver what our clients deserve.

We have global experience

Working on the ground and remotely with clients in Asia, Europe and Australia

Interacting with people and companies around the world gives you better insight and perspective. Seeing how different cultures approach their business and solve their problems brings great advantages.

Global Experience

Our clients

Our clients value our effective and innovative approach to projects, our standard for quality and our breadth of experience.

  • Telstra Health
  • Australian Taxation Office
  • Digital Frontier
  • Tap-to
  • Radius Interactive
  • EEqualsMC3
  • Web Hoster
  • IDF Global
  • Green Leaf Film Studios
  • Books that Fly
  • BMCD AP Consulting